Combine Makeup Green Contact Lenses

Having natural green eyes is priceless. However, if you love them but they're not a born-gift, you can wear top-quality green colored contact lenses that look extremely soft and natural in your eyes. Given that only 2% of the population has naturally green eyes, the desire to have the "emerald shine" is irresistible now that you have the chance to wear the amazing green contact lenses by Chiara Lens!

As a bonus gift with the product, we thought of giving you an article with tricks and tricks on enhancing their beauty with proper makeup. Once you decide to make them yours, don't forget to see this guide and get inspired!

3 Makeup Looks for Captivating Green Eyes

 Combine Makeup Green Contact Lenses


Gold the Color of Royalty

Gold shades are definitely a go-go for almost every eye color, especially for green ones. If you want to complement your colored contact lenses to make them pop in the most perfect way use any kind of gold-tone such as bronze gold, rose gold, ore nude gold. Better yet blend them together to get your personal kind of golden look.  After that, you can add from light brown shades to dark coffee shades depending on your mood or event you're attending. Or you can go for a simple, soft, neutral look. Either way, you will look great!

The Reds or the Burgundy

When you think of red, you might imagine the fiery and seductive look of attractive lips, but you can very easily combine that color with eye shadows. Of course, I'm not talking about the deep red, rather about the red wine color or burgundy. The art of Makeup is open to experimenting with the most diverse combinations. Different artists have brought us great looks to get inspired by. You can find endless mixtures of red colors to stress out, even more, the color of your green contact lenses and enhance the beauty of your eyes.

The Glamourous Smokey Eyes

Black, Greys, Browns, and Gold - blend them! Can you imagine the hot look when imagining it? Amazing, right?! Then go for it, now!

From the very ancient times to the modern ones, smokey eyes have been the most glamorous makeup look of all time. Combining it with your colored green contact lenses and a bold black eyeliner is all your new green eyes need.