Natural Blue Contact Lenses Chiara Lens

Chiara Lens Blue coloured contacts offer a harmonious mix of beauty and sensuality created through deep intense colours. Their design is able to accentuate the appearance of every person that wears them, by making them more fascinating than ever.

Chiara Lens coloured contacts are created in compliance with the most advanced European reference standards such as CE 0123 and EN ISO 13485 2016. In addition, these lenses are composed of exclusive and safe materials. In fact, each contact is made entirely of PolyHEMA , a polymer with unique characteristics capable of giving the eye a sense of high comfort throughout the usage of the lenses. Furthermore, their composition includes a minimum water content of 40%. Such a high percentage of water allows the eye to be protected from possible dryness, which in the long run could generate various types of problems.

Chiara Lens contacts are characterized by a base radius of 8.7 mm and a diameter of 14.5 mm. They can also guarantee a three-month duration from their first application.

blue contact lenses for brown eyes

Each available shade has been carefully studied so that it can match any complexion. In addition, our contacts are appropriate for both summer and winter. Let’s not forget that they provide perfect fit and coverage, even if you have dark eyes!

Chiara lenses are available in Dream Blue, Magic Blue, Splendid Mint, and Neptune shades. Each design offers an excellent fit and a perfectly natural colour.

Dream Blue is the most suitable colour for those who want to achieve a dreamy fairy-tale appearance. These colored contacts are extremely popular amongst those who want to display a royal look after wearing them. Once worn, Dream Blue contacts provide your face with a uniform and graceful look. These are coloured lenses with a single shade. This design gives the iris a homogeneous look while showcasing a particularly elegant colour.

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Magic Blue is the ideal shade for anyone who wants to feel magical throughout the day. These two-tone coloured lenses, once worn, can give the iris a double blue tonality. The first shade is quite intense and fascinating, while the second is more nuanced and romantic. Magic Blue lenses are particularly irresistible and can appeal to both a young and a more adult demographic. Their main feature is giving your appearance a particularly fascinating look once worn!

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Splendid Mint is the perfect shade for highly demanding people. These are two-tone contact lenses with an intense and refined design. They are mainly chosen for special occasions or a particularly important evening, as they give the wearer an overwhelming look. Thanks to the two shades recreated in the iris, you will be the centre of attention throughout the whole evening.

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Neptune is a unique tint that highlights the personality of the wearer. This shade has been designed to reproduce the intense and unique colours of the sky and the sea, within the iris. These lenses are a perfect choice if your goal is to get an intense gaze with an angelic twist. Thanks to the skillful mix of three different shades, Neptune lenses will give you the opportunity to feel incredibly charming.

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Which make-up style to go for?

For all you who have opted for blue coloured lenses, your make-up choice is quite vast. The general advice is to combine all shades of blue with particularly intense eyeshadows, in order to create a pleasant and fascinating contrast.

Therefore, you have a free pass to go for any shade of grey when it comes to eyeshadows. Another alternative is to use a bold black eyeliner that can highlight the shape of the eye and enhance the powerful look of the contacts. Those who love to indulge themselves, on the other hand, can opt for eye shadows in shades of purple and pink. This particular style intensifies the look and creates an outstanding final effect.