Coloured contacts What you need to know

Colored contacts have become extremely popular in the past few years. Actors use them to make their characters more appealing. Sportsmen wear them to become more visible and charming when on camera. Others just put them on to make themselves more seductive on their special occasion. 

You can wear lenses for any reason really, even to just change your appearance in a non-permanent way. Some colored contacts are also corrective lenses, featuring the color of your choice. For corrective lenses you would need a prescription from a licensed optician. Other colored lenses do not interfere with your vision in any way, as they do not have power. These can be used for purely cosmetic purposes, which means you can put them on and take them off as you please.

Are you curious to know more? Keep reading to get an idea of how colored lenses work, what tints they come in and what colors you can choose from!

How do colored contact lenses work? 

The whole concept of colored contacts can be a bit tricky to wrap your mind around. Many people think that by wearing contacts, you see the world in a different shade. That cannot be any further from the truth. Colored contacts are completely different from colored shades, which means, by wearing them you only change your external appearance rather than your vision.

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The lenses are designed to line up with your iris and allow you to see clearly when you have them on. The middle of the lens is left clear, while the outer part contains the color that changes your look in a stunning way. Some contacts have a limbal ring while others don’t. The limbal ring is the strong contour line at the very edge of the contact itself. It can be strong and visible for a bolder look or slightly faded for a more concealed color change. Some lenses do not have a limbal ring at all in order to appear more natural.

The color of the lens starts within the limbal ring. Depending on the number of colors used on the lens, contacts can be divided into one, two or three tone lenses. More tones means better choices for you in terms of lens colors!

What tints do colored contacts come in?

Chiara Lens Choosing the right contact lens colorColored contact lenses come in a few different tints, so they can match any complexion, any hair color or any event you want to use the lenses for. So, whether your eyes are piercing blue or deep black, you can still find the right tint that is going to make them pop.

As a simple rule of thumb, if you have light eyes, you should go for an enhancement tint. This type of tint is translucent and quite natural. It helps you enhance your natural eye color without changing it completely. If you are looking for something even more subtle, then the visibility tint is perfect for you. This tint has literally no color. It is merely used to make your eyes seem brighter and your contacts more visible when you handle them.

For a completely different look, however, you can opt for an opaque tint that can alter your eye color entirely. Blues, greens, browns or grays? The choice is yours! Lastly, you can also ask for a custom tint to be made specifically for you.

What color should you go for?

Most colored contacts come in shades of blue, green, gray and brown for you to choose from. Each category contains a full palette of shades that can be matched with different natural iris’ colors. Therefore, if you have light eyes you should opt for a shade that defines the edges of your iris. If you have dark eyes on the other hand, you should go for a softer shade. That is not to say that you cannot experiment with anything more vivid for a bolder look. Consider your skin tone before making a choice.

Chiara Lens about the color

Cool skin tones go quite well with warm brown shades of contacts, while darker skin tones really come to life with green lenses

Blue lenses are also some of the most popular ones. They create a piercing look while still feeling comfortable and soft on the eye, due to their 40% water content. They come in one, two or three tones, from a mint shade to dreamy and elegant blue tints.


Therefore, if you are looking to keep it natural, you can choose a color that replicates the natural iris. If you are looking to make your outfit pop with a bold color, you can do so with a more vivid tone. All in all, blue lenses are perfect for powerful, charming women looking to inspire.


More colors are also available to explore in the rich palette of our collection. Choose the tint and shade that will make your special day utterly unforgettable!