Makeup & Colored Contact Lenses

  1. A Captivating Look with Light Brown Eyes

    A fan of Twilight? Want to have those enchanting light eyes that immediately captivate everyone’s’ soul? We present you with the most beautiful brown colored contact lenses from the Brown Collection – the astonishing Lovely Beige by Chiara Lens.

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  2. 3 Ways to Combine Makeup with Green Contact Lenses

    Having natural green eyes is priceless. However, if you love them but they're not a born-gift, you can wear top-quality green colored contact lenses that look extremely soft and natural in your eyes. Given that only 2% of the population has naturally green eyes, the desire to have the "emerald shine" is irresistible now that you have the chance to wear the amazing green contact lenses by Chiara Lens!

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