Colored contacts are an ideal solution for anyone looking to experiment with their own look. Indeed, these tinted lenses are designed, developed, and intended for those who want to feel even more fascinating and elegant in their everyday life, without having to sacrifice their natural gaze.

We have carefully examined the key requirements that contact lenses should meet and thus found a way to respond to all these needs in the best way possible. As such, a selection of colored lenses that meets all tastes and desires was born. These lenses can be used both for a special evening as well as in the fashion industry. In fact, many actors and models have already chosen to wear our colored contacts in order to enhance the natural beauty of their faces. All in all, the use of our lenses is synonymous with class, elegance, beauty, and practicality.

Chiara Lens coloured contacts are available in the following shades:


A reminiscence of colours from the sky and sea.


All of nature’s colours inside your eyes.


Intense shades that recall the colours of the desert.


Intriguing and mysterious typical wintery shades.

Coloured contact lenses: discover the colouration:

Thanks to the vast selection of colours we provide, you can now feel like a unique person every day. Experiment with your look and choose between our unmissable Blue, Grey, Green and Brown colours: each option is also available in different hues that you can indulge yourself with!

Procucts List
  1. Pure-Gray grey contact lenses on brown eyes
    Pure Gray
    Price: €18.99 was €34.00
  2. Candy-Brown brown contact lenses
    Candy Brown
    100% of 100
    Price: €16.99 was €34.00
  3. Charming-Blue colored contact lenses
    Charming Blue
    Price: €17.99 was €30.00
  4. Sweet-Brown colored contact lenses
    Sweet Brown
    93% of 100
    Price: €17.99 was €36.00
  5. green contact lenses for brown eyes before and after
    Natural Green
    100% of 100
    Price: €22.99 was €34.00
  6. Sweet-Green colored contact lenses
    Sweet Green
    100% of 100
    Price: €22.99 was €36.00
  7. sapphire blue contact lenses
    Sapphire Blue
    93% of 100
    Price: €24.99 was €34.00
  8. Sweet-Gray colored contact lenses
    Sweet Gray
    100% of 100
    Price: €22.99 was €36.00
  9. Sweet-Blue colored contact lenses
    Sweet Blue
    100% of 100
    Price: €25.99 was €36.00
  10. blue contact lenses for brown eyes
    Arctic Blue
    93% of 100
    Price: €24.99 was €34.00
  11. Lime-Green green colored contact lenses
    Lime Green
    Price: €23.99 was €34.00
  12. Precious-Blue colored contact lenses
    Precious Blue
    93% of 100
    Price: €16.99 was €45.00

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Purchase your Chiara Lens colored lenses online. Each option is characterized by extremely natural and realistic shades. In addition, the innovative materials used in their making guarantee maximum comfort throughout the entire day.

What are coloured contact lenses?

Coloured Contact Lenses are special devices used to change the natural colour of the iris. They come in different designs and, depending on their type, they allow you to completely alter the natural colour of the iris, or emphasize your own natural colour through the presence of pleasant shades. The choice is yours, depending on the final effect that you want to achieve. Colored contact lenses are safe and they do not cause any vision problems. As a result, you can use them on a single occasion or even for a prolonged period of time.

What materials are used to make Chiara Lens colored contact lenses?

We use the best raw materials possible to produce our coloured contact lenses. Chiara lenses are made of PolyHEMA, a polymer with particular characteristics able to give the lens maximum softness and safety. Furthermore, these contacts use a minimum water content of 40%, which guarantees the right degree of hydration and provides utmost comfort and safety throughout the day.

All of the above result in a well hydrated and rested eye, even after wearing coloured contact lenses for 24 hours consecutively..

Why use coloured contact lenses?

Coloured lenses are devices that can be used to drastically change the colour of your eye, or just enhance your natural colour by introducing pleasant shades and hues. Colored lenses are in fact designed to accentuate the small details of the eye. Deciding to use coloured contact lenses is very advantageous because, through these devices, you can change your look based on the occasion. You can wear and remove contacts very easily, which allows you to experiment with new looks and feel always more naturally charming and elegant.

Which colored contact lenses to choose from?

Choosing the best options for colored contact lenses is extremely subjective. It basically depends on the final result you want to achieve. If you decide to use coloured lenses, it most likely is because you want to change your look. As such, it is important to choose the colour that best suits your face. Chiara Lens has created different types of shades to meet your needs and facilitate your choice in picking the right shade. Each model is quarterly usable and adaptable to any face and complexion: This way, making the right choice becomes easier and allows you to indulge yourself in wearing our unique and inimitable colours.

How to use colored contact lenses?

Putting colored contacts on is very simple, and so is taking them off. There are however a few precautions and steps you need to follow. First of all, it is necessary to wash your hands carefully with detergent soaps and then dry them properly before handling contacts. Follow this step for both application and removal of the contacts. Also, it is important to remember that the lens should only be applied after placing it on the fingertip. Their application is much easier this way.

The same goes for the removal process. Make sure to wash hands thoroughly before touching the contacts. Contact lenses are very delicate and poor cleaning could cause the onset of annoying phenomena such as, for example, inflammation and irritation. Reusable lenses, on the other hand, must be disinfected and placed in the appropriate packaging, once removed. This will ensure maximum sterility.

Coloured contact lenses: useful tips

Using coloured contact lenses is easy. Particular attention however is required when handling them, as they are highly delicate devices. As such, proper maintenance is essential in order to ensure their durability. Having said that, here are some tips we want to give you:

  • Take careful care of your contact lenses: Remember to place them in a special container filled with the appropriate solution that ensures maximum hygiene, whenever you remove them.
  • Do not share your contact lenses with anyone else: Contacts are personal devices and therefore must be worn only and exclusively by one person. Sharing your contact lenses with another person could cause the onset of infections or irritation.
  • Do not wear contact lenses if you feel eye irritation: If this is the case, allow the eye to rest, especially if it looks red. If you should experience some discomfort when wearing the contacts, please remove them as soon as possible.
  • Use coloured contact lenses to create different styles: These lenses are peculiarly designed to enrich your look, so make sure to indulge in the various colours to change your appearance as desired.

How to take care of coloured contact lenses?

Reusable colored contact lenses require extra precautions during their application and removal. First of all, make sure to always use a disinfectant solution for the lenses: this will ensure the lenses are always well disinfected and clean. Also, remember that it is essential to use lenses with a good degree of hydration in order to avoid the occurrence of any phenomena such as dryness and irritation.

Quarterly coloured contact lenses: what are the advantages?

Chiara Lens colored contact lenses are quarterly lenses. This means that you can use these contacts daily, however, they have a quarterly duration. Their use is extremely advantageous as they can be worn for 90 days in a row, making sure to apply and remove them according to instructions. Once removed, the lenses must be stored in the special container with their appropriate solution, in order to ensure they are properly disinfected.

Different types of colored contact lenses

Chiara Lens colored contacts are available in various types. Depending on the final effect you want to achieve, you can choose from 1, 2 or 3 tone coloured contact lenses.

One-tone colored contact lenses: these are contact lenses with a single colour, which can recreate a totally homogeneous and intense effect. The final eye colour result is incredibly enveloping. These contacts are especially suitable for dark eyes as they guarantee maximum coverage.

Dream Blue blue contact lenses natural before and after

Two-tone colored contact lenses: these are coloured lenses designed for those who want to enlighten their appearance through pleasant shades and colouring games. By wearing these contact lenses you can obtain a double shaded colour within your iris: one particularly intense and overwhelming, and another more delicate and romantic.

Sensitive Green green colored contact lenses before and after

Three-tone colored contact lenses: these lenses are quite unique. They provide a vivid combination of three formidable shades of colour. Through these contact lenses, the iris will gain a harmonious fresh look, and at the same time seem particularly elegant. Your face will acquire a new light thanks to the perfect harmony between the more intense colour of the iris and the two pleasant related shades.

Neptune dark blue contacts before and after

How to buy coloured contact lenses online

Buying Chiara Lens colored contacts is quite easy. All you have to do is choose the colour that best suits your face and complexion. Thanks to our accurate descriptions, finding the right lens tint to accentuate your appearance is extremely easy. The entire process is super simple and quite enjoyable at the same time.