Chiara Lens allows the return of products only if they are found defective.

Replacement of lenses is not possible if you are not happy with the color or parameters you have chosen. Please make sure to consult your Eye Care Specialist before ordering contact lenses online

In the event of defective lenses, you must return them to us before getting a new pair. Exchange is only possible with the same exact model and color. 

If you find your contact lenses to be defective please follow these steps:

  1. Contact customer service and send us a ticket Via email or through your website account within six days from the day you received your shipment. 
  2. Return everything that came with the shipment to our Chiara Lens Store, including the box, blisters and Lens Case.
  3. In case you have opened the lens blisters, please put the lenses in a lens case filled with contact lens solution and return all the components to us, including the opened blisters.
  4. Please do not allow more than 6 days to pass between the first receipt of the shipment and the return of the products to us.

Please make sure to follow these instructions step by step, otherwise we cannot replace or refund your purchase. 

We will examine the lenses for protein deposits to make sure they have not been used. If the lenses are found to have been used, then replacement is not allowed. 

Please make sure to inspect the lenses before you put them on. Follow the leaflet instructions included in your order on how to clean your lenses properly before usage. 

The customer is responsible for shipping charges regarding the return of defective lenses.