Combining  Make Up Green Contact Lenses

Wearing natural green contact lenses can change the way you look by enhancing the beauty of your features. One of the most delighting processes before deciding what color would perfectly fit your complexion, skin tone, and hair color is the "exploring phase".

If you have experience in choosing natural looking colored contacts, then this will not be a problem for you. But don’t worry, even if you’ve never bought them before, we’ll help you make the ideal choice!

One of the most interesting and prominent colors is green, of course. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to select a variety of lenses where this peaceful and radiant color dominates. One of the most beautiful colors of the newest Green collection is Sensitive Green, which comes with two light green tones.

For a delicate but very attractive look, whether in everyday use or special occasions, this color would always be the right choice.

Furthermore, Sensitive Green contact lenses can be combined with many trending make up looks. You can do a natural-looking makeup where you will just put a little black mascara on to let the gleam of the lenses reveal their magic. Or, you can make a mild or heavy smoky eye with shades of brown and black to make your "new eyes" shine like two glittering diamonds.

Check out the video below to see how beautiful the Sensitive Green colored contact lenses look on our stunning brunette model!

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How to Choose the Right Color

Sensitive Green colored contact lenses by Chiara Lens can be combined with all kinds of skin tones, from pale to dark. Moreover, they also look beautiful in various hair colors, such as all tones of blonde, dark, and red colors. Beauty and appearance are something that is highly valued, especially in the fashion world.

Beauty comes in many forms, and it is precisely diversity that makes it special. That's why we have worked to bring you a wide range of colors and combinations with different tones to enable you to have the eyes you have always dreamed of.

In addition, they are soft and feel very natural in the eye. For a slightly different change that makes a huge difference, wear our amazing natural looking colored contact lenses.