Frequently Asked Questions

What people want to know about Cosmetic Lenses:

  • Are Cosmetic Lenses safe to use?
    Chiara Lens cosmetic lenses are safe to use if proper care is applied. Make sure to clean the lenses properly before and after use and store them safely. Contact your eye care professional in case of allergies.
  • How to take care of cosmetic contact lenses?
  • Will cosmetic contact lenses affect my vision (or bring complications)?
  • How long should I use cosmetic lenses?
  • Possible risks (disadvantages) of wearing cosmetic lenses?
  • Is there an age limitation to wear CL?
  • Are cosmetic lenses for extended wear?
  • The difference between daily wear and extended wear cosmetic contact lenses?
  • When should I stop using cosmetic lenses?
  • Where to store cosmetic contact lenses?
  • How to determine the colored contacts are suitable for me?
  • Does the color remain the same until expiration?
  • Do I need a prescription for non-vision correction lenses?