Delivery services are only available in Europe through Express Shipping - DHL


Estimated delivery time

Shipping cost for under 60 Euros

Shipping cost for over 60 Euros

Express Shipping - DHL

2-6 working days

9 Euros






Dispatch time

It takes 6 days to dispatch our lenses from our warehouse in Italy. Weekends and Italian public holidays are not calculated into dispatch time. Dispatch days are only from Monday to Friday. 

You will receive an email notification as soon as your order has been shipped. The email will contain a tracking number which is also proof of dispatching. Log into your Chiara Lens account to track your parcel through the tracking number. At the Dashboard & View Order & Shipments, please scroll down the page to view your tracking number.

Our contact lenses are for cosmetic use only - No Power - 0.00.

Dispatch times (excluding promotions, weekends and holidays) is within 6 working days. 

Delivery times are estimated and vary depending on your location. Chiara Lens takes no responsibility for any possible delays as a result of insufficient information regarding the delivery address. A refund will be issued to the buyer if we are responsible for the delay. 


**We suggest to create an account before making the order!**

It is the buyer’s responsibility to track their own order. We use express shipping - DHL to send out parcels. 

Step 1:
Search for the Chiara Lens website on your browser.

Step 2:
Once you open the website, look for the SIGN IN button positioned on the top right part, and click on it.

Step 3:
If you have already registered before, please enter your chosen username and password and click Sign In.

Step 4:
At this point, you can access your private area by clicking on My Account.

Step 5:
Once you manage to access your personal area, click on My Orders.

Step 6:
This section displays an overview of all your previous orders. Click on View to look at a specific order in more detail. 

Step 7:
Once you access this section, click on Order Shipments in order to obtain shipping details.

Step 8:
Copy the tracking number to find out more information on the status of your order.  

Step 9:
At this point, please visit the following DHL site:

Step 10:
To find out more information on the status of your order, please enter your tracking number in the appropriate section and click Track. You will have all information pertaining the status of your order in no time

Tracking Express shipping - DHL - DHL shipping is available for free for orders over 60 Euros and for a fee of 9 Euros for orders less than 60 Euros. Parcels can be tracked on the DHL website.

Important Notes

If the delivery has been unsuccessful: The postal courier will leave a notice for you to collect the parcel yourself from the closest post office in your area. The parcel will be held at the post office for a maximum of 15 days, depending on your country’s policy. If you fail to collect your parcel within the days specified by your local post office, the package will be returned to the sender. If this is the case, the parcel is returned to the Italian headquarters. You will be notified of this action immediately and you will be offered an alternative shipping option. 

If the parcel has been returned to sender: If the parcel is returned to the sender as a result of insufficient information regarding the delivery address, or if the item is unclaimed for longer than the post office can hold it, then the buyer is required to pay 9 Euros for Express Shipping to Chiara Lens for reshipping and repacking. Refunds are not available. Chiara Lens agrees to cover shipping costs only for first time orders. If the buyer asks for a refund for a product returned to our headquarters, than it is their responsibility to pay for the initial shipping and handling fees.