How to Do Your Makeup for Ocean Blue Eyes chiara lens

People, especially women, are always looking for new things to add some excitement to their lives. The desire to experiment, explore, and try something different is rooted in our genes. This happens both in the professional world - such as in the development of technology and science - as well as in wellness, and physical appearance. Fashion trends, makeup, esthetic surgery, and styling are an ever-changing phenomenon that never fails to surprise us.

Moreover, beauty accessories have become an integral part of our everyday look, and cosmetic colored contact lenses are "the cherry of the cake" in the world of beauty. Here you can find some interesting makeup combinations to match with blue colored contact lenses.

Today we have the opportunity to change the color of our eyes based on our preferences. This is thanks to high quality colored lenses which are light to wear and look amazing on the eyes. Among the rarest natural eye colors, as well as the most popular and sought after, are the shades of blue. Once you make them yours, make sure to wear them right by combining them with the stunning makeup looks!

Best Eyeshadows to be Combined with Blue Contact Lenses

To enhance the beauty of your eyes, you can change their color by wearing the extraordinary Dream Blue colored contact lenses. After that, you can put on a combination of eyeshadows by blending them to get a compact look.

In the video below you can see how our gorgeous model does her makeup while wearing our Blue Dream contacts. She used warm colors of gold nuances, including some tones of purple to underline the bottom of her eyes. She also added black eyeliner that is an "essential trick" to improve the shape of the eye. In the end, some thick black mascara that increases the volume of your lashes impressively.

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Other colors that can be used to intensify blue eyes are warm shades of gold, orange, grey/silver, and brown. Remember to avoid using powerful nuances of blue. Soft contrast is always the best answer!